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Lake Apopka Fed Up: The High Costs of Cheap Food

Toxic pesticides dropped from planes onto vegetable fields and workers. Farm workers crawling down endless rows from dawn to dusk. Miscarriages and low birth weight babies. A dozen funerals in one week.
It was all part of the African American experience working on the muck farms of Lake Apopka in central Florida. 

Author Dale Slongwhite interviewed eleven former farm workers whose stories have been silenced until now. Using their words, she has given voice to a people whose contribution to the feeding of Americans would have been forgotten.


“Poignant, gut-wrenching and real, this book should be required reading for everyone who eats.” Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland: How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit.

“I’ve been concerned about how pesticides affect the consumers of food for years, but in reading Dale Slongwhite’s book, I realized that just as important is the effect on the people who harvest our food. I found the book to be thoroughly researched, eye opening and inspiring. Each person’s story moved me and angered me at the same time. How can we have let this happen in the first place and then continue. Any teenager or adult that eats should read this book.” Louise Pritchard


These videos show some of the same stories depicted in Dale Slongwhite’s book Fed Up: The High Cost of Cheap Food.